Wednesday 18 January 2012

Welcome to the world, Bona Food!

The Bona Food blog was created for the love of good, wholesome, bona fide food. There's nothing better than dishing up a plate of colour, stock full of nutrients which tastes totally delicious. Cooking for ourselves is a joy, but to share is to care, and we do, so we are here to pass some awesome recipes and food ideas on to you!

We'll keep it sweet and simple and utterly wholesome. 

We hope you enjoy Bona Food!


  1. oh yum!.....i have just been referred to Bona Food and it looks great - and i LOVE the photos....when i use a cook book, it has to have photos....:)


  2. Hi Marlene!
    Thank you so much for visiting! We're really glad you like them, and we completely agree, photos just make all the difference! We have so much more to share so keep coming back, we can only get better as we grow!

    Nicole + Marlee